Building Information Model (BIM) is one of a number of new tools that enables a building to be built in a virtual world, allowing the design team and contractors to look at the construction components interfaces and coordination of the services within the building before the first shovel is turned in the ground.
Buildings of tomorrow are being designed today. Designers now have at their disposal a wide variety of technologies to help them develop and produce their designs ever quicker and more efficiently, allowing greater coordinated solutions for the buildings of tomorrow. The digital age has impacted all walks of life, including the built environment.

While to some this may be seen as the ‘Holy Grail’ in design capability, it remains simply a tool that has to be applied correctly. Of equal importance, therefore, are the individuals’ skills which lie behind the tool. These are the real key to its success.

We at Jersey Energy have a strong commitment to the application of technology and staff training to maximise efficiency and optimise the way we deploy these technologies, which include: 3D modelling, walkthroughs and BIMs, which is why we are committed to the technical development training of staff.

BIM Example flythrough

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